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These exhibition materials can make your marketing look more professional and impressive than ever at some of the lowest prices on the web.

The term ‘exhibition equipment’ covers a lot of different promotional items – everything from A-boards through to posters. There’s a lot to choose from, but at DiscountBannerPrinting, they all have two things in common: exceptional quality and almost unbeatable prices.

We only use thick luxurious vinyl and 1440dpi high resolution printing for crisp and highly detailed prints for your exhibition graphics and signage. We also use eco-friendly solvent inks for incredibly vivid and vibrant results.

Depending on what sort of exhibition signage you would like to buy, we include quality in every way we can. Secure construction, easy assembly, polished aluminium frames, the most reliable fittings, a choice of laminations and much more. They all make sure that your promotional items are professional, reliable and as impressive as possible.

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All you need to know about stands, signage and equipment

Exhibition is all about promoting your business to the world. These products can therefore describe anything which can be used to promote your business – such as posters, printed stickers, A-frames, roller banners and more.

However, there’s no denying that these are all ideal if you are actually promoting at an exhibition event. They’re big, bold and spread your sales message across any given area. They really help to get your business in front of the eyes of everyone attending. The more exhibition materials you have on display, the more prominent your stand is, and the more likely you are to get noticed.

Some of the most effective types of exhibition display stands, graphics, signage, roller banners and equipment:


There’s nothing quite like a banner to sprawl across an unsuspecting wall. It instantly displays a big message with a big impact. Plus, because they can be made to any size, you can have a cost-effective exhibition banner which is the right size at the right price. They’re also ideal as the main focal point for your stand.

Exhibition graphics and posters

Graphics (such as posters) are the ideal accompaniment to banners. They’re great value, they can look very professional and they’re easy to use. With a few cheap printed posters and a packet of drawing pins, you could have your sales message pinned up in key locations within minutes. Plus, as they can be any size, you could have anything from an A4 poster on a door, right through to a huge A0 poster placed across a wall.

Exhibition display stands

This terms convers a few forms such as roller banners which can be a great way to display your printed advertisements. What makes them so useful is that they’re very versatile. You don’t need to rely on the fixed locations of doors, walls and desks. You can literally place your roller banner stands in the exact ideal locations to properly display your promotional material. They can also take many other forms – from A-boards, to banner holders. They all have different benefits depending on the visual impact required and the space available. For example, A-boards provide a very sturdy frame for outdoor use due to their wide base. roller banners have a relatively small base, but they can be very tall – often reaching the eye-level of most visitors.

Everything else

There are plenty more pieces of exhibition equipment which can make all the difference to your stand. For example, panels, rails and brochure stands can all play a part in displaying and relaying marketing information to your visitors. All of these exhibition accessories not only assist with this key requirement, but also enrich the entire area – turning a bleak and sparse stand into one which is full of impressive high-visibility and high-impact branding.

How to create the perfect stand

You’ve got all your exhibition signage and equipment. Now you just need to put it altogether to create your exhibition stand – the centre piece of your promotion. However, it can be easier said than done. Your stand needs to grab as much attention as possible, but it also has to be aesthetically pleasing and easily accessible for visitors. If there is a wall next to your area, use posters and at least one large banner to drape the background in promotional messages and set a strong tone for your branding. A large banner can also be used as the primary headline for your stand. Exhibition Posters happen to be a very cost effective way to spread your branding across any given area. Use roller banners at each end to ‘frame’ your stand. These can also be placed throughout the area to provide easily accessible and readable information. For outdoor stands, try using our A-frames. A good exhibition stand is all about planning. If you can organise your stand with as much promotional material as possible (whilst keeping it clean and uniform) then it will provide a very powerful branding impact and really draw attention to what you have to say.

How much does exhibition signage cost?

Not as much as you would think – especially with DiscountBannerPrinting! Custom A-frames, exhibition equipment, roller banners, pop-up banners, boards, banners and every other form of signage can be purchased for very reasonable prices, and they certainly pay for themselves in the resulting exposure they create for your business. For those on a very tight budget, posters can provide that highly cost effective exposure you’ve been looking for. They may not be as impressive as an exhibition display stand or vinyl banner, but they can display your branding and sales message in a big and bold way for minimal costs. No matter what sort of signage, graphics or display stands you would like to go with, it’s all about the return on investment! An investment in any kind of exhibition signage or equipment could be one of the best things you have ever spent on if the resulting exposure (or general marketing exposure) results in numerous new clients or customers. If an event is particularly large with relevant footfall, then it is often worth investing more into your stand to take advantage of this ideal marketing situation.

How to create the perfect design for your exhibition signage

The actual design of your signage is of vital importance. To make the most out of your exhibition equipment, the designs must be:

Heavily-branded – Use your brand colours and any brand shapes or logos to add a strong branding impact to your overall stand. The individual design of each piece adds to the overall design of your entire presentation, so it’s important to make sure that every item follows a similar style.

Attention-grabbing and vibrant – Exhibitions are all about capturing the attention of visitors and telling them about your business. That’s why all of your signage, equipment, stands and banners need to be eye-catching and interesting. Use strong headlines and vivid illustrations to really make visitors take notice of what you have to say.

Easily readable – If the design is poorly laid out or overfilled with content, then it can become difficult to read and cannot fulfil its potential as an advertising medium. Keep all exhibition signs clean, simple and easy to read - even from a distance.

Relevant – Use signs, printed banners and sticker designs carefully for maximum effectiveness.signage which is designed to draw attention from a distance should have large and bold headlines. stands within your presentation area can afford to contain more interesting and informative content for those who approach for more information.

If you’re unsure how to design your stands, then you’re in luck! Discount Banner Printing provides free basic designs on all equipment and premium designs at a great value price. Whichever option you choose, you know you’ll be receiving promotional material which fulfils every requirement and is designed to impress!

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