Who Really Needs a PVC Banner?

In these cash-strapped times, it’s not enough for a business to want something. Gone are the days when you could try a new form of advertising, particularly if you want your small business to stay afloat.

Today, every decision is made around a need. If your business doesn’t really need it, you don’t do it.

When it comes to advertising, it’s easy to cut corners. While your staff will complain if they don’t get paid, the impact of less advertising is more difficult to measure. As a result, you might think twice about buying PVC banners to use in marketing.

But PVC banners are affordable and effective. They don’t break the bank - they simply help you to communicate your marketing message at a low cost, without compromising exposure.

Whatever the nature of your business, there’s a good chance you need a PVC banner. Let’s look at a few examples of businesses that use banners - and why - to see if you should be doing the same.


Using Outdoor Banners in Small Businesses

 coffee shop.png

Small business owners are perhaps the most likely people to use a PVC banner.

In part, this is the result of budget. With low costs, a high quality banner is accessible to even new startups with limited funds.

However, small businesses also use banners because they are ideal for local work. If, for example, you run a local retail shop, a banner could help people to spot you on the street and come inside for more details. That’s an easier thing to do than, say, convincing someone to take down a phone number and call it.

Small, local businesses need PVC banners because they work on a small, local level.


Big Businesses Need PVC Banners Too


While local businesses use PVC banner frequently, they’re far from the only ones. Bigger businesses with a local presence use exactly the same methods.

If you visit any major supermarket, you’ll probably see PVC banners hung from the railings outside. They could outline the latest special offers, or attempt to sell you different services that your supermarket offers.

Again, it’s the local effect at work. Even the largest multinational corporations know the advantage of attracting customers on a local level, particularly when they can just pop into a local store.


Banners are Ideal for your Events

 summer fair.png

It’s also common to see banners used to promote outdoor events, from boot fairs to school discos.

That’s because the PVC coating on a banner helps it to stand up against the elements. As a result, you can hang your banner outside, in the location where your event will take place.

It’s no good appealing to potential attendees across an entire county or beyond when you are arranging an event in just one location. Instead, an outdoor banner focuses on the people who pass by the location regularly - the people most likely to attend.


Using Banners for Charity Work

 Summer fair 2.png

Finally, charities are renowned for their use of outdoor banners. Often, they’re used to promote fundraising events, for all the reasons outlined above.

But, crucially, banners are a low-cost, long-life product. A single banner can be used hundreds of times, with a lifespan of more than five years on average.

That’s a sizeable return on investment, which is exactly what a charity is looking for.


Why is this a Need?


We’ve looked at who uses banners for promotion, and why they might want them. But that doesn’t answer our question.

We need to ask whether this is really a “need”. Why are banners indispensable and essential to businesses of all sizes?

In short, it’s because there’s no alternative. Even as the world of advertising changes by becoming more digital and more social, nothing offers the immediacy and local-focus of a banner.



Small businesses, big businesses, event promoters, charities - they all need to reach potential customers on a personal, local level.

That’s why they all need PVC banners.

If you want to find more business in your area, or in a specific location, you probably need one too.

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