The Advantages of PVC Banners

Of every type of marketing and advertising you can think of, PVC banners probably don’t strike you as the most exciting. A banner doesn’t have the mass audience of TV, the intimacy of radio, or the interactivity of online.

Of course, nobody cares.

You see, PVC banners come with some unique advantages that make them one of the most desirable and widely used marketing methods around. They’re not exciting, but they’re incredibly effective.

Read on to find out more about what a PVC banner is, and what that means for you.


A Flexible Yet Solid Material


For hundreds of years, people have used paper or cloth banners to get their messages across. However, these multipurpose materials came with a few limitations.

Textiles are notoriously hard to print on with clarity. Paper is all too easily torn and ripped. In both cases, if the rain starts to fall, your banner would be ruined.

To make banners more dependable and long lasting, people needed a material that was flexible and solid at the same time. They needed something that could be easily hung and positioned, with a longer life than paper or textiles.

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC to his friends, is a type of plastic that can be applied across a material. In the case of banners, polyester can be coated or laminated with PVC, delivering a glossy, professional finish, and reinforces the material underneath.

That makes it the perfect choice for a banner, and results in several key benefits.


PVC Banners are Multi-Purpose


Here’s an easy exercise to help you see how many ways you could put a PVC banner to work.

Go out and take a walk around.

In the past few days, I’ve seen PVC banners used to promote time-limited deals at major supermarkets, boot fairs, charity fundraising events, and more.

Of course, that’s just talking about horizontal, rectangular banners. The possibilities go even further than that.

PVC banners can be used as flags, hung from parts of your building, or launched on a scale that transforms your entire premises into a gigantic advert.


PVC Banners are Durable and Weather Proof

 water proof.png

The most common uses of banners are outdoors, which means the biggest threat to its lifespan is the weather.

Any PVC banner will be less prone to tears around the eyelets (than paper ect), and protect your design against the effects of rain.

What’s more, there are  two speciality types of banner available to protect against specific conditions, including:

PVC Vinyl which is our standard solid banner which holds up to all weather and decent strength winds and PVC mesh banners that minimise wind resistance by creating tiny holes in the material for air to pass through to be used in higher wind areas such as bridges ect..

Whatever the climate, a PVC banner continues to look great.


PVC Banners are High Impact Advertising


So far, you’ve seen how banners can be used almost anywhere, even outdoors under harsh weather conditions. But all this would be useless if they didn’t do what they are supposed to - attract attention, inform prospects, and convert them into customers.

Banners are perhaps the most time-tested form of advertising in the world. They don’t just work - they get exceptional results.

If your banner is displayed outside your office, or at the location of your event, you can be certain that the people who see it are easily able to take action. This could be walking into your office for more details, or coming along to your event on the right date.

With the right design, a PVC banner is an efficient, effective way of connecting with people and getting them to listen.


PVC Banners are Affordable

charity run.png 

Finally, let’s forget all the business benefits of a banner and focus on the most important thing of all - your money.

Nobody wants to spend more than they have to on advertising. One of the best things about a PVC banner is that you get exceptional benefits at an exceptional price.

That’s why even the smallest businesses, one-off event promoters, and charities continue to use banners every single day.



Wherever you use them, whatever the weather conditions, PVC banners deliver high impact advertising at a remarkably low cost. With a banner that could last for years on end, you can invest just a little, and see the returns for the foreseeable future.

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