How To Choose the Perfect PVC Banner Size

Increasingly, the internet is the most popular place to order all kinds of print work. Ordering everything from banners to stickers online helps to keep your costs to a minimum, and makes the process of buying easier than ever.

However, one thing that it’s hard to replicate online is the tangible parts of choosing a banner. One of the most common concerns is banner size.

How do you know which size banner you should order? What sizes are available, and what are the best applications for each?

Read on to get some useful advice on choosing the best banner size before you order.


Consider Standard PVC Banner Sizes


People often ask for the “normal” banner size, but the truth is there’s no such thing. While designers and printers usually work with a standard format in mind, there’s still a lot of flexibility.

Most PVC banners are between 2.5 and 3 feet high. This is proportionate to the way architects design buildings, and the space you’re likely to have on the front of your building. It’s also short enough to fit nicely on a fence or building site hoarding.

You’ll also find that the width of PVC banners follows a standard pattern, going up in 2-foot increments. The smallest banners are usually 4 feet across, with 6-foot and 8-foot banners also available.


Customise Your Banner Size


Of course, you may be working with a space that’s a little more unusual. It could be a wide expanse, a narrow section, or, in some cases, your space may not even be rectangular!

That’s not a problem. A professional printer will be happy to create a custom banner size. The maximum sizes available will depend on the specific equipment that your printer uses, but you can create even bigger, bolder designs by placing multiple banners together.


Is Your Banner for Indoor or Outdoor Use?

 Labour Teachers.png

The appropriate size for your PVC banner isn’t always dictated by the available space. Another key consideration is whether your banner will be located inside your premises or outside.

Inside, a banner that’s too large can feel overwhelming. When you choose a large banner, you’ll need large imagery and large text to make it work. Suddenly, the feel of your premises changes, and your rooms feel crowded and too busy. When working inside, look for a banner that’s less than 10 feet wide.

Meanwhile, if you’re mounting a banner outside, the general rule of thumb is “the bigger the better.” You’ll need giant headlines and striking imagery to catch attention, particularly when people are at a distance. Here, the size of your banner is only limited by your design, space and your creativity.


Getting the Design Size Right for your banner


With a basic understanding of the most common PVC banner sizes, you can get a sensible idea of what you need in seconds. Now, you’ll need to consider the size of what you put on it.

One of the hardest things to gauge is text size. If your text is too small, it’s impossible to get your message across. Without your message presented clearly, your banner won’t be worth your investment.

Usually, the minimum size of your font on an outdoor PVC banner should be 3 inches viewed from 5ft away (add 1/2 an inch for each addtional foot the banner will be viewed from). However, please also remember to take into account the height at which you mount the sign and the font style that you use.


Fake Your Banner


The fact is that, while there are standards in banner sizes, there’s no instant answer to which one is best for you. While your printer or designer may be able to help, there’s a fast self-service solution that can give you complete peace of mind before you place your order.

Using a soft pencil, why not fake your banner to check how it might look?

A measuring tape makes it easy to draw a pencil outline of your banner directly onto a wall, giving you the chance to see how the banner will look in advance.



Although some people miss the tangibility and immediacy of buying products in person, most of us can’t afford to be choosy. Ordering PVC banners online is cost-effective, but that doesn’t mean you should take a risk on size.

Fortunately, by following the guidelines above, you won’t have to, also DBP offer FREE advice and can also check your artwork for peace of mind.

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