Eliminating spelling mistakes with proofreading

13/11/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

Whether you are printing a leaflet or a banner it’s important to ensure you proofread and that there are no mistakes. Unfortunately, this can be a lot harder than you would imagine and proof reading can take time and effort. However, as Mark Twain once said’ The difference between an almost right word and a right word is a large matter.’

So, how do you proofread properly and eliminate those mistakes from your copy – here are some great tips on doing so.


Take some time out after writing before going back to proof read the text. You’ll need a fresh eye to ensure you eliminate all those mistakes and see what it is you have actually written. You would be surprised how different a text looks when you return to it.


There are all sorts of problems when proof reading - grammar, spelling, syntax etc. Read through the text a few times looking for each separately. If you take your time and look through for each separately you’ll have a better chance of finding issues.

Facts and Figures

If there are any facts or figures in your text be sure to double check them – all information needs to be correct.

Read out Loud

Though, you may fear sounding like some sort of demented vinyl banner preacher, reading aloud can really help eliminate issues. Your ear can really help you when trying to find mistakes. Reading backwards is also a great way to focus only on the spellings of words and nothing else – a great tip.

Print it out

People read very differently on screen than hard copy. Reading a printout can help you find the mistakes that were hidden behind the polygons – so, make sure to do so. Of course, use the computer spellchecker to try and remove errors firstly.


The dictionary is your friend and if you are not sure whether a word has a double  ‘s’ or one consult it.

Mistakes Happen

Of course, no matter what you do, mistakes come about from time to time. However, if you keep a checklist of the mistakes you make or the oversights that are all too common, you can ensure you catch them out the next time. Building up a list of the most common mistakes you make is a great way to cut down on the error count.


Asking someone else to read over the text is a great way to prevent mistakes. Other people will spot mistakes you won’t and provide a fresh eye to the process.

Finally, practice makes perfect and the more you proofread the better and faster you will become.


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