Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Clear Stickers

24/09/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

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One of Aylesbury’s newest beacons Aylesbury Waterside Theatre is set to add an element of class to the area and we were more than delighted to provide the stickers for the Waterside Café.

The development of the theatre and the high profile shows performed, meant advertising was a required and we provided some of our high quality clear label stickers for the drive. The beautiful new theatre which will host a range of programs, events and much entertainment is set right in the centre of the town and really captures the imagination.

Our clear labels provide a simple but also very attractive image for the new venture and though the Aylesbury Waterside Café opted for rectangular shaped, we can produce them in any size. Of course, these stickers are placed everywhere and so they were required to be durable and provide superior scratch resistance, as well as fade and tear resistance. They are also waterproof and far more durable than any alternative paper sticker and come with a permanent adhesive backing. This can really create a sense of style and impact positively on potential customers as it did in Aylesbury Waterside Café’s case.

High Quality

Of course, high quality is the name of the game and the theatre and café needs to be produced to the highest quality and that’s where our 1440dpi printing more than sufficed. This high quality ink made from eco-friendly solvent inks creates the bright and vivid images required. Stickers come on a clear vinyl back ground and are transparent, meaning that the image often has a higher and more impactful effect than traditional stickers.

Our clear stickers also come with lamination for that extra durability. This lamination will extend the lifespan of these stickers up to 50% longer. We also offer the opportunity to print our clear stickers with white ink print technology, which allows for gradients and also a full range of colours.


Like all of our goods we provide a 1-2 day superfast turnaround and free first class delivery as standard. If you spend over £100 we even provide Free Royal Mail Special Delivery.

It’s simple to order too and all you have to do is use our online instant quote calculator to decide on your options. We can also design a custom design for you for free if you don’t have artwork or a premium design for a low price.

Of course, if you have any questions just get in contact with us. 


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