Exploring the possibilities of banners for business use including pub, club, cafe, restaurant, and shop events.

Here's just a few reasons to choose our business banners:


  • 520gsm vinyl banner thickness
  • Fire retardant to din75200 (Class B) – Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Very durable – scratch, tear and fade resistant – PVC banner material life of 7 years!
  • A bright white, smooth satin surface for an exceptional quality finish
  • Premium eco-friendly solvent ink which is waterproof, hard wearing, scratch resistant and fade resistant for the life of the banner
  • 9mm brass eyelets every 2ft and hemming as standard (other options available on request)
  • High resolution (1440dpi) full-colour printing for brilliant vivid colour and clarity on your business banners

No matter what situation you’re in when it comes to promotion, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be at least one good use for a PVC banner which will see strong promotion and a positive return on your investment. Really, what better way is there to have your promotional message displayed big, loud and proud in such way? More importantly, what better way is there to do it for such a low, affordable cost? There’s a good reason why were so enthusiastic about banners! So, let’s take a look at some common promotional needs and how banners could help.


Firstly, let’s look at banners in the nightclub/pub/events trade


Whether you need a nightclub banner, pub banner or event banner, all banners from Discount Banner Printing are highly durable, waterproof, weatherproof, hemmed, eyeleted, printed in crisp high resolution and made to size, which makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor needs.

For example, there are pub banners which allow you to present your latest offer or event anywhere you wish – from drinks offers to meal offers.

There are also general event banners, which are so versatile and suitable for virtually any event you can think of!

Then there are club banners and nightclub banners. With high resolution inks, the printing of our night club banners and club banners are incredibly vibrant and helps your banner to stand out in the night club or club environment.

What about banners for some common consumer businesses?

With high-resolution printing, tough durability, water/weatherproof properties, hemming, eyeleting and any size available, our business banners provide that professional look for a very affordable price.

One common business type is food and catering. Our restaurant banners are sleek and professional, yet easily affordable enough to promote your latest restaurant offer to diners inside or people passing by. The same goes for our café banners, whether you need an outdoor café banner to attract new customers, or an indoor banner to promote offers. A café banner or restaurant banner from Discount Banner Printing will work in any situation.

Then there are shop banners. Whether it’s a small newsagents or a big store, our shop banners can be made to any size so they’re perfect for your needs. Our shop banners are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Other uses

One of the more niche uses is a banner for sport promotion or sporting activities. Indoor or outdoor sports, our sports banners will do the trick! Built to any size, they’re versatile enough to promote all sporting events.

There are also school banners. Like all our banners, our school banners are hemmed, eyeleted, durable and weatherproof. Suitable for any school needs. You can even get a free 6ft x 2ft banner if you’re a school or charity!

Finally, our banners are ideal for food banner promotion. The high-resolution vibrant printing in all our banners means that your food banner can display delicious meals with so much realistic clarity you could almost taste them!

Plus hundreds more!

There are hundreds, if not thousands of other opportunities for banner usage in every trade and industry, so with our many features and very competitive prices, try Discount Banner Printing today.


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How will you use your new PVC banner?

PVC banners are so affordable and so effective, some people almost want to find an excuse to buy one! But in reality, there are literally hundreds of ways to use banners to great effect when it comes to branding and promotion, with very powerful results. It allows you to get a big, strong and powerful marketing message out in-front of hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers, all for a tiny cost compared to some alternative forms of marketing. At Discount Banner Printing, all our banners are cut to custom sizes, so no matter how large or small, your PVC banner will always be just right. Let’s explore a range of trades and industries further, where PVC banners can be used as superb marketing and promotion tools.


Pub banners

Our pub banners are ideal for anything from local drinking holes, to working men’s clubs and gastro pubs. You can display a pub banner above the bar to showcase a new drinks deal or meal offer, or you can place it outside across the side of your premises to attract passers-by with an irresistible offer. In fact, a pub banner showing a refreshing pint of lager or mouth-watering meal might just prove too hard to resist to passing thirsty or hungry customers! There’s also an opportunity to use pub banners to promote events, such as karaoke or quiz nights. No matter what sort of event or offer, grab a cheap banner from Discount Banner Printing and start spreading the word.


Business banners

The quality of our banners makes them ideal for so many purposes – from business signage, to conferences and exhibition banners. The quality (and affordability) also makes our business banners ideal for any level of business, from one-person self-employed setups, to medium limited companies, to large corporations carrying out significant branding campaigns. Business banners can also be versatile. Even a simple banner with your business logo and contact details can come in useful for so many different occasions. For example, you could use it in an exhibition display, or use it alongside a more sales-focused banner to provide branding and contact details.

Event banners

There are literally thousands of different types of events, but we’re confident that our event banners will do the trick! With indoor/outdoor durability and any size possible, they’re suitable for almost any type of event you can think of. Just think of all the possible events! Christmas banners, mother’s day banners, Easter banners, Valentine’s Day banners and hundreds of others. From the smallest local events to the largest national holidays, event banners are affordable and versatile enough to be used in a massive range of different events with varying budgets. Try us!

Restaurant banners

Even if you have a high-class restaurant, the quality of our PVC banners makes them ideal to promote a meal offer and draw in new customers. Plus, the affordability makes restaurant banners perfect for virtually any type of restaurant. If you have a high-class ‘À la carte’ restaurant, the quality of our banners won’t let you down when it comes to promoting a new offer or meal to passers-by. Restaurant banners are equally ideal for fast food establishments. They’re affordable enough to buy for frequently changing offers on a monthly or even weekly basis if necessary.

Club banners

Perfect if you want to promote an event of a club inside, or draw in new visitors from the outside. A big, bold banner to attract just the right kind of potential customer or member who would be right next to the club in question is a powerful promotional tool which can be used to great success. And by ‘club’, this doesn’t just mean the usual idea of clubs, either. It could be any kind of club – from music clubs to chess clubs! Not only can a club banner attract new customers or members, but it can also be used for informational purposes for existing members and visitors.

Night club banners

A big, bold custom-sized night club banner from Discount Banner Printing could tell all of your clientele about a latest drinks offer as they wait at the bar. Alternatively, the outdoor functionality means that you could put it above the entrance to draw in passers-by. Making it big and bright is the key here, especially in a dark nightclub environment. Night club banners are also extremely effective when advertising to lucrative passers-by, as your night club may be surrounded by other clubs and bars to create a ‘night spot’ where thousands of potential customers are congregated in a single area. Invest in attractive night club banners to display your latest offers and turn these passing prospects into paying customers.

Shop banners

The ability to create custom sizes is great for shop banners, as it makes our banners suitable for ANY sized premises – from small newsagents to huge superstore! Any kind of shop can benefit – from furniture store banners, to sports shop banners, to clothing store banners and more. Just think – how could you use a shop banner to promote your latest offer, sale or range? It could be placed next to your signage, in-front/behind your shop window or even in a completely different place to draw in customers from other areas. Use a shop banner to take full advantage of passing footfall and turn more of them into customers. Shop banners can even be used as a fantastic alternative to more expensive shop signage.


Sport banners

The ability of our PVC sport banners to resist indoor and outdoor conditions makes them very versatile for any kind of use in any kind of sport. Football, rugby, tennis, basketball, darts, squash and more. Virtually any sport you can imagine! You can use sport banners to attract new members of a sports team or group, or you can use sports banners to attract spectators to a sports game. Also, due to the very low cost of sport banners, they can be changed on a more frequent basis to suit changing fixtures and events.

School banners

Our school banners are tough, durable, professional and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so they’re perfect to promote any school event. You can use them to provide information to pupils/students, or to attract spectators and parents to any event - such as a sports day, raffle or play. It isn’t just about schools of young children, either. Our banners are also ideal for colleges and universities which need a regular supply of high quality and competitively priced custom banners for their branding and marketing, Also, did you know that schools and charities can get a FREE 6ft x 2ft banner with FREE design from Discount Banner Printing? It’s our way of encouraging the positive promotion of school or charity events so money can be better spent elsewhere.

Café banners

Really showcase the quality of your café’s food and drink with a vibrant, high-resolution café banner. You can place it outside to draw in new customers, or place it inside to alert customers to a new offer while they’re waiting in the queue. There really are so many uses. Plus, by including images of mouth-watering drinks and meals, you can really appeal to peoples’ appetites to draw them in. The ability to create any size also allows a café banner to be produced which fits the size and stature of your café, or simply fits into the available space you have on a wall or store front. This makes our café banners ideal for small cafes through to national chains.


Food banners

The more vibrant and colourful pictures of food are, the more mouth-watering and appealing they can be to passers-by! That’s why, just like all our banners, our food banners are printed in high-resolution with vibrant inks. Just imagine crisp, refreshing salads; rich, spicy curries or gooey, succulent pizzas in so much detail they can almost be tasted! It’s sure to attract many hungry people walking past. Use it for any reason, whether you want to promote a food offer in an establishment, or promote a food event such as a BBQ or curry night.



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